What is the Role of Respect in Good Parenting?

In addition to inculcating good values, parents are expected to raise children who are respectful to others and parents. Therefore, if you are a new parent, this article will help to improve your parenting style. For example, if a friend of your child borrows the ride on cars from your house and your child is not respectful, it may set the bad precedent for both the children and their future interaction with other kids. This means that respectful children are not only liked by the fellow kids, but they will also have good relations with parents and adults in general.

Moreover, it is important to note that if your children are little or if they show signs of disrespect to you or other kids, it is pertinent that you take it seriously than calling it careless attitude or downplaying it because, in the long term, they can become permanent habit, which may define the nature of your relationship in next few years. In addition, if you are a parent who has a busy work routine or if you have a hectic routine in general which prevents you from paying attention to the actions of your children, chances are you will not be able to ensure whether you are raising respectful children or otherwise.

For instance, if the anger of your child towards another sibling is not properly addressed, it may set a disrespectful tone of their interaction. The same rule goes for the interaction of your children with your house help or the babysitter. In simple words, there is a need to take the early years of the child seriously, as it can determine the dynamics of relation in the long run. Hence, following tips may help you to improve the level of respect for others in your child.

Good Habits Starts at Home

This point cannot be stressed enough since all the values are fostered at home; therefore, if your kids are not reflecting the good values you are trying to teach to your kids, you may want to review your parenting style. Moreover, parents tend to forget that they have more power than they think and in order to raise the kids in the best manner, they will have to pay more attention to them. However, if you want to improve the attribute of respect among your children, below mentioned ideas may help you to a large degree.

Focus on Improving the Siblings Interaction

If you want to ensure that your children are raised rightly and they treat adults respectfully, it all starts from the siblings. Therefore, it is necessary that you lay stress on that part. However, if your children are already good at this stage, maybe you can shift to the next stage and ask your children to behave nicely with other kids in the school and adults in general.

Acceptance of Mistakes

Children tend to make mistakes every day, it is better to introduce them to the idea of accepting the mistake and apologizing for it rather than being stubborn or the last person to accept the mistakes. The main logic is to teach them the value of making mistakes and how to handle them or fix the mistakes rather than getting angry or being disrespectful to others.


If you tend to reinforce the stereotypes about girls and boys in form of normalizing the misbehavior of the kids, you may not be able to raise kids who are polite or nice to others. Therefore, it is better to encourage your children to learn to interact with diverse classrooms so that they will learn to respect and value the beauty of all the children in terms of being polite to them and understanding the purpose of being nice to them

Highlight the Significance of Being Respectful

It may seem obvious to you as the adult, however, when it comes to children, parents are expected to make the cases for the integral values so that children are convinced. Moreover, if you are comfortable with discussions and have a strong bond with your children, you can turn it into an activity to review the positives and negatives of being respectful. The main idea is to logically persuade the children to behave in the best possible way.

Good Relationships

If your children are young, they may not be in a position to connect the dots in terms of assessing what is right for them and what is not. And this is where the role of parents becomes imperative in terms of making them realize how and why respect can help them to develop stronger bonds with the loved ones. Moreover, if you want them to excel in the chosen field or do well in life generally; all those phases will require respect and love to make long lasting relations with the children.

Community Life

Adults often wonder about the role they can play to bring about positive change in the society, the good news is if you are the parent, you will get uncountable opportunities to shape the dynamics of the society and community life. For example, if you want the future of your community to look in a certain way in the next twenty years, parents can provide the children an environment which would demonstrate the children the importance of being nice and polite to human beings. The main logic is to influence the nature of community life by raising respectful children. Additionally, the children can be taught about the positive consequences of all the exemplary communities.


If parent leads by example and show respect to children, most of the children follow the footsteps of the adults in this regard, however, if some of the parents struggle with persuading the children, they can work on the aforementioned strategies to encourage good habits among the siblings. Furthermore, if you as a parent consciously make an effort to illustrate why and how important it is to be respectful, half of the job will become easy for you.