Zika Transmission through Sexual Intercourse – 14 New Cases under Study

14 new Zika reports, in which virus was possibly transmitted through sexual intercourse, are now under study by US health authorities. Experts fear that confirmed positive reports will point to a great danger of Zika virus spreading with even greater pace.

It is worth mentioning here that scientists have been ruling out contagion of Zika through sex. Documentation of only a few cases has been considered absolutely incidental. Nevertheless, experts started paying attention to the factor of physical relationship being another major cause of zika transmission after two pregnant women were tested positive. Rest now depends upon the test results of remaining four women’s samples. The positive results would definitely indicate zika’s ability to transmit via physical relations.


The transmission of this infection is also suspected to cause problems for newborns, as they might get birth defects developed or may suffer impermanent paralysis. Surely there would be the risk of development of impairment in the newborn’s immune system.

According to deputy director of CDC Dr. Anne Schuchat, the positive results of sample data would indicate that greater risk is out there.


The cases that CDC is examining involve the reports of women whose male partners had been on the tour of foreign countries where Zika virus has huge impact.

The study results are surely going to help in standardizing the very precautionary instructions which are given to avoid transmission of STDs. If test results come out positive, the instructions to stay aggressively cautious would be given, specially, to the persons returning from Zika virus hit areas.


The speculation about sexual intercourse being the major cause of Zika transmission is made due to the fact that people in country’s areas with extremely cool weathers are also getting infected. This situation puts mosquito’s action out of the question. Hence, physical relationship emerges as the major reason for spreading of this infection.

Experts say that presence of Zika virus would likely to affect other body fluids including semen. If this speculation turns out to be true, there would be no way other than following strict precautionary measures while having intercourse.

Cancer Treatment with Painkillers – What Are the Facts?

Diclofenac has been found to be significantly effective in the treatment of cancer. It was revealed in a study which involved research on this well-known drug.

Repurposing Drugs in Oncology (ReDO) has conducted a research by involving different medical experts from Belgium and USA. They were surprised after finding out that Diclofenac can aid the cancer treatments, even though the drug wasn’t made to treat cancer. The most common application of Diclofenac is to treat migraines, arthritis and the post-surgery fever.


It is worth mentioning here that experts had this idea about examining the drugs that are made for general usage. This concept led to the discovery of Diclofenac’s anti-cancer effects when used during the treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This concept got further approval from previous records in which the cancer patients were suggested painkillers after surgery, and they were able to get the recovery process accelerated. Diclofenac, in particular, was found to be an immune booster.

Since Diclofenac is widely available and it also contains very low toxicity levels, researchers are working on enhancing the capability of this drug from the perspective of its anti-cancer properties.

Pan Pantziarka, a study author, also believes that there are many standard drugs out there which may have the attributes like what’s recently discovered in Diclofenac. Therefore, it’s all about learning which can lead to the possible discovery of multidimensional action by many standard drugs. It is also believed that recent finding can point towards the creation of next-level cancer inhibitors.

This discovery about declofenac has been applauded because scientists had been working hard for a long time to find cheaper and effective cancer treatment methods. It can be a huge breakthrough, so final testing results are worth a wait. If results would be encouraging, it can certainly help in making the cancer treatment cost effective for all the patients. It can surely save many lives.

The drugs like Cimetidine and Ketorolac are also being examined and experts are confident that these drugs may have anti-cancer properties. Nonetheless, the final word can only be said after further experimental procedures will be concluded.

Hepatitis C Cost-Effective Treatment – Egypt May Serve As a Blueprint

If we talk about the country that has been hit most by hepatitis C virus, it is Egypt. According to a raw analysis, over 6 million people in Egypt had received hepatitis C virus from contaminated needles in a decade. Now, about 10 percent of Egyptians, about 9 million people, have active hepatitis C infection in their bodies.

If we look at the facts, hepatitis C is basically a global crisis. This chronic problem has infected over 150 million people worldwide and it is the cause of 500,000 deaths per annum.

The alarming fact about Hepatitis C is that its virus is a buoyant one. After getting into a body due to blood contact, it may not show any symptom for years. The good thing is that it can be cured easily during early stages but when it becomes chronic, it starts damaging liver slowly and consistently.


Despite the fact that Egypt has the biggest number of hepatitis C patients, the medical departments there have started working on a very systematic approach to deal with this issue. The health ministry of Egypt had developed a plan in year 2007 and since then, two drugs namely interferon and ribavirin are being used for treating hepatitis C.

While these two drugs often cause a wide range of side effects, a California based pharmaceutical company, named Gilead Sciences, proposed an alternative. Gilead Sciences is the manufacturer of sofosbovir which is also known as Sovaldi. This medicine is available in United States at the price of $1000 per pill which the patient needs to take every day. The medication with this drug is a 12-week long course which most likely cures the disease.


Gilead Sciences is now selling this drug to Egyptian government at the price of $10 per pill. The government distributes medicine to pharmacies which further supply it to patients for free. With the supply of Sovaldi at this cheap price, Gilead Sciences has asked the Egyptian government to enforce strict rules in order to avoid the sale of this drug in black market. Patients are directed to return old bottles in order to get new ones. Moreover, the patients are asked to open the new bottle in front of distributer and take a pill just to ensure that bottle cannot be resold.

Although there are some complications with the cheap sale of Sovaldi and then the strict imposition of rules for patients, there is nothing that authorities can do because it’s a long awaited and much anticipated solution.