Mark Zuckerberg is Working to Build a Real-Life Jarvis

For many, they know of Mark Zuckerberg as the man who goes through tough challenges. Everything from learning mandarin, promoting equality, or trying to solve global internet access for all. However, this year Facebook’s founder decided to take things to a whole new level. His new personal project for 2016 is something incredible, which is trying to bring Jarvis, the personal assistant to Iron Man, to life.

Now, this isn’t exactly true to what people think it is. He’s trying to build an AI bot to help him run his life better. However, his best way to describe what he’s trying to build is Jarvis, and it’s a very lofty ambition. He’s making one based off of exploring the technology out there, and then even try to implement voice control as well. He’s working to try and create a VR system that will help him build and run things better.

Mark Zuckerberg is Working to Build a Real-Life Jarvis

This isn’t a very tiny project by any means obviously. Building a virtual system like that to do all of that is going to take a lot for someone, but Zuckerberg refuses to give up. He is working to build a system that people could possibly even use in the future, such as maybe a home-integration system so that people can come in when they ring the doorbell, or even allow parents to check up on their children when the adult isn’t around, or even when they’re sleeping. It’s a revolutionary and significant project that might be something that won’t’ even be done by this year. Some might also be curious to see what types of resources and time he uses to dedicate to this project.


Probably the most important element of this isn’t necessarily the resources themselves or even the length of time and the energy that it takes. The most important part is actually what it turns out to be. This is a very lofty system, not something that a person could make overnight, or even within a month. But, it will be interesting to see what Zuckerberg does with this within the ensuing year, along with everything the man does in terms of his Facebook service and other such elements. The only thing that people know for sure now is that he is exploring all of these new developments and different parts of the system, and there are a lot of different personal projects out there, but this one certainly is the most interesting.

The only answer to the questions of how this will turn out is time. Time will tell whether or not this project is a success or failure, whether they could even bring something like Jarvis to life for a person to use. Will there ever be such a thing? Well, the only thing that can say for sure is time, for time will tell whether or not this man’s dreams become a surefire reality, or if it’s just a pie in the sky thought to occupy his time.