Tips for Fixing the Car Radiator

If you are not willing to spend more money to get the car’s radiator fixed, you can do it by yourself. Good news is that it is easy. The most common radiator’s problems involve abrasion and weakening. The ultimate result would be that the radiator will start leaking. Although, it can be fixed very conveniently but it is advised not to start with the repairing process until you get some good knowledge about it.

Below is the simple guide that will help you in the procedure of radiator fixing.

  • If the level of coolant gets lower very soon, it describes well that radiator is leaking. Check the levels after few hours of topping off the radiator. Make sure that level doesn’t go down because it can cause serious problems. If the bright green coolant is dripping down under the car, it’s another major sign that radiator is having a leakage.
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  • Lift the bonnet up and let the engine run. When it will get warm, you will be able to spot the leakage easily. Take a closer look to find if the leakage is in the cap or through the seam.
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  • To pull the cooling fans away from tube, use pliers. Cut the tube and roll its newly-cut ends away from each other into themselves. Do a little crimping to make solid edges. To hold the crimp, use a cold-weld compound. Let the compound be hardened by leaving it undisturbed for a few hours.
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  • Replace the cap or gasket to get the radiator repaired. To take care of size of replacement parts, keep the manual with you all the time. Keep in mind that the cap not fitting properly can be even more problematic.
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  • If there is a leakage in the seam, use a metal patch compound on the outside of the seam. Leave it for 24 hours so that it would get hardened.
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  • Completely drain the radiator of its coolant for repairing the leak. Get the leaking area properly cleaned and then apply the cold weld compound. Let the compound be hardened by leaving it for a few hours.
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  • There are a few methods by which you can repair the cracked or leaked radiator.
    1. An epoxy compound can be used to repair the cracks or holes in
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    3. You can also use the additive that can help in preventing further leakage. The ones available in the market usually contain antifreeze. You can use these solutions according to manufacturer’s instructions.
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  • Once you have repaired your radiator, keep it maintained. For that purpose, flush it twice a year. Make sure that water level is up to the mark. Refill it with the water if you think that the level is lower.
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  • Although you have repaired your radiator and the car is running as it should be, take it to the professional Auto Repair Seattle as a precautionary measure. That will help you to know whether there is any flaw left.


Tips to Find Quality Used Auto Parts

It can be a hectic as well as expensive deal to buy used auto parts if you are looking to upgrade the performance of your vehicle. It can be expensive from the perspective of possibility of ending up in buying the worn or wrong item. There are some guidelines and methods that you can take into consideration while heading out to buy used auto parts.

Quality Used Auto Parts

Buying from Junkyards or Auto Salvage Yards

  • First you need to locate the auto salvage yards in your area. At auto salvage yards, you might be required to pull the auto parts from the cars by yourself. It is, therefore, required to bring your own tools with you to the junkyard. To find the junkyards in your area, you can get help from local telephone directory or internet searching.
  • After locating the junkyard, it’s important to make list of items you need to purchase. Do proper inspection of your car and check whether the car needs entire assembly rather than individual items. Purchasing an entire assembly is usually more cost effective.
  • Shortlist a few junkyards and visit them personally. It will help you to determine the item’s pricing difference among the junkyards.
  • Before finally purchasing the item, don’t forget to have a discussion about the terms and conditions regarding refund or return, and also about the time period within which refund or return can be claimed.

Quality Used Auto Parts

Searching from Classified Ads

  • Classified ads are a great way to search for auto parts at reasonable prices. It is usually the car owners who put ads for the sale of auto parts from their cars. To view the classified ads, you can either search in newspapers or you can view the websites likes Craigslist or eBay Classified.
  • It’s essential to analyze the condition of auto part you are about to buy. It is to ensure that condition of particular item is not causing lack in the performance of that part.
  • Another very important way to check, whether the item is reliable, is asking the owner the reason for the sale of that item. Some owners sell the auto parts for the sake of replacement in order to maintain the car’s performance; while some people sell the items for complete upgrading. The latter are undoubtedly preferable.

Quality Used Auto Parts

Buying from Online Retailers

  • Searching the item from online retail websites can be appropriate option, especially if it isn’t available in abundance. Good news is that the sellers, at retail websites, give a discount in price by not charging the overhead cost especially if you are looking for used oem auto parts.
  • Used auto parts are also available on the auction websites. These online auction websites provide a platform to the sellers to sell their new and used items. An example of online auction websites is eBay Motors.
  • It is essential to have a look at the policies of refund, return and shipping by the retailer.

One should be cautious about purchasing the used items as there will be no official warrantee with this purchase. Therefore, above mentioned guidelines are surely the points you will need to take into the account.