A Quick Guide for Changing the Lock

It’s good to have the door locks changed after some time as it would ensure better safety of indoors. Good thing is that changing the locks is very simple and it takes less time. In this article, we are going to discuss about door lock replacement in a simple step-by-step guide.

Removing Door Lock

  • First you need to know about the brand of lock you have installed. That will help you to understand the design and size of the lock. With this information, you will find it easy to determine how much modification the door lock location will require. If you are willing to purchase the new lock of same brand that you already have, you may need no modification of the door lock area.


  • Taking measurement of doorknobs is important. Sometimes, the interior locksets are smaller as compared to backdoor and front locksets. Using this measurement, you can save yourself from trouble during the installation process.


  • To remove the interior knob, unscrew the screws that hold the knob. That should let the knob to get out of assembly.


  • After the door knob is removed, there would be a decorative cover. The cover would have the screws holding it. Unscrew them and remove the cover. If screws are not visible, you may find an allen bolt hidden along the edge. If the bolt is also not there, then cover is just attached with the plate. You can detach it with a screwdriver.


  • There would be two interior screws in the locking mechanism. Remove those screws and pull the halves of door locks from both sides.


  • Now all that is left is the latch assembly. Remove two screws from the plate that holds the assembly and pull out the pieces.

Installation of Door Lock

  • First you will need to install the latch. Make sure that location of latch on the door is completely free of any remains or debris that could have left due to the removal of old latch. Use a chisel to make the surface even.


  • Now is the time to install the new lockset. You will have to make sure that keyed section of lockset is appearing on the outside of the door. The latch assembly would have a hole through which you will be able to slide the lockset. When the outside part will be slidden in, it will allow the inside part of lockset to be adjusted. Use screws at the places to tighten this part of assembly.


  • Now the door knob should be functional. Test it by twisting while the door is opened. Also check the locking mechanism using keys.


  • When everything works fine, tighten the screws of lockset from both sides of the door. Check the lock again. It should work ideally.

I hope this guide would be helpful for you or you may call a professional Locksmith Tacoma to get it done for you.

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