Cancer Treatment with Painkillers – What Are the Facts?

Diclofenac has been found to be significantly effective in the treatment of cancer. It was revealed in a study which involved research on this well-known drug.

Repurposing Drugs in Oncology (ReDO) has conducted a research by involving different medical experts from Belgium and USA. They were surprised after finding out that Diclofenac can aid the cancer treatments, even though the drug wasn’t made to treat cancer. The most common application of Diclofenac is to treat migraines, arthritis and the post-surgery fever.


It is worth mentioning here that experts had this idea about examining the drugs that are made for general usage. This concept led to the discovery of Diclofenac’s anti-cancer effects when used during the treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This concept got further approval from previous records in which the cancer patients were suggested painkillers after surgery, and they were able to get the recovery process accelerated. Diclofenac, in particular, was found to be an immune booster.

Since Diclofenac is widely available and it also contains very low toxicity levels, researchers are working on enhancing the capability of this drug from the perspective of its anti-cancer properties.

Pan Pantziarka, a study author, also believes that there are many standard drugs out there which may have the attributes like what’s recently discovered in Diclofenac. Therefore, it’s all about learning which can lead to the possible discovery of multidimensional action by many standard drugs. It is also believed that recent finding can point towards the creation of next-level cancer inhibitors.

This discovery about declofenac has been applauded because scientists had been working hard for a long time to find cheaper and effective cancer treatment methods. It can be a huge breakthrough, so final testing results are worth a wait. If results would be encouraging, it can certainly help in making the cancer treatment cost effective for all the patients. It can surely save many lives.

The drugs like Cimetidine and Ketorolac are also being examined and experts are confident that these drugs may have anti-cancer properties. Nonetheless, the final word can only be said after further experimental procedures will be concluded.