Mobile Web vs. Mobile App – What Your Marketing Strategy Should Target

There has been a lot of talking about mobile device usage and the way it has changed things around us. Obviously, an impact of this change on internet searching and marketing had to be inevitable.

According to an analysis, Google receives more than 50% of total search queries from mobiles and this figure is on consistent rise. These facts raise the question about development of SEO and internet marketing strategies for different businesses. Surely the mobile internet marketing has to be focused more. With that said, there are two perspectives which should be compared in order to make things clear. One is the Mobile Web and second one is Mobile App.

Mobile Web vs. Mobile App

Mobile Web

Mobile web basically involves internet usage on mobile using mobile internet browser. Mobile web is faster and from many perspectives, it gives access to the internet content in even better way as compared to internet usage on computers. The reason is that mobile websites, developed now days, load fast. As a result, Google also seems to prefer the websites which have their mobile versions. Familiarity with desktop internet usage and unfussy website loading are the driving forces in Mobile Web’s popularity.

Mobile App

Mobile apps take most of the time of mobile device’s usage. With that said, one can conclude that development of applications rather than website can be more helpful for internet marketing these days but it is not factual. It is the matter of common observation that 80% of total apps downloads are distributed among not more than 70 – 80 apps. In other words, it would be a tough competition if you are willing to develop an app for your business marketing. Another scenario is about Google’s preference to mobile apps against the search queries but that is also the matter of ‘if’.

Mobiles are becoming primary devices for internet usage and hence the marketers now should pay serious attention towards the development of robust SEO strategies that could rank their websites well both in Desktop and Mobile SERPs. Development of Mobile App is a good option but only if it is considered on secondary basis.